The Book of Founders

Magda Svenson looted this book from the civil war ghosts under the Lodge’s basement.

It has a plain leather cover, and contains the history and genealogy of Arkham’s elite, and the 23 Founding Fathers.

Skimming it on the way out to the Pickman farm gave everyone a Mythos point. Lizze also noticed there is a pattern where entire branches of Founding Father’s direct lineage have been dying off in mysterious ways.

Researching it, Magda learned the about the Elder Sign, and how she can use it to “close and/or lock” gates and openings from, “undue outside influences.”

Researching and/or skimming the book takes a very long time, because the handwriting is a mix of archaic and mid-19th century handwriting, clippings and town hall meeting records.

The Book of Founders

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