Elder Sign

Spell found in The Book of Founders

Researching the Book of Founders, Magda learned the Elder Sign, and how she can use it to “close and/or lock” gates and openings from, “undue outside influences.” There is a fragment of text (in another handwriting in the margin) that says there is a rumor there is a way to combine the Elder Sign with another spell, to increase the Elder Sign’s effect “across multiple thresholds.”

While the Elder Sign can be fashioned into an amulet, an amulet does protect places, so much as it does the people wearing them. The amulet (a small footnote, written in a more modern handwriting suggests) can be used to protect the wearer from “almost all outside influences,” but of greatest interest to an amulet bearer is that it repulses all of the Outside Laborers."

To Use
(only Magda can use it, until others spend time reading the passage, or until she teaches them.) The Star must be engraved in a physical object, sealed in lead or brass, or drawn upon the threshold. Because it is somewhat complex, it takes at least five minutes to draw the sign.


Elder Sign

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