ViPer RPG: Trail of Cthulhu

Later That Night

First Time in the Basement

2nd day: (later that night of the 22nd)

Madga, Lizzie, Win, and Jordan went down to the basement of the Silver lodge where barrels and kegs are stored. They

They were following the wet footsteps that went down, and dried out as they got further away (had more time to dry). John found secret passage. Tight squeeze, and then opened up into a big cathedral/states room type of old building with a podium. Behind the podium was a large pool of inky black water. Laura poked at it and strings of spaghetti were floating in it. Carita asked it questions.
Meanwhile, Steve was hanging out with the dead body and it started answering Carita’s question: linty of names and addresses.
There was another earthquake
Andrea heard old timey music coming from a hallway. Carla, Carita, and john saw three ghost guys in civilwar era clothing sitting by a fireside. One was standing, fiddling with an old phonograph, while the other two were arguing over a chessgame. John ran like crazy, and laura followed. Carla stole a book with a bunch of papers in it (she rolled a 6) and Carita tried to talk to them, but they ignored her. She failed a roll (cant remember) and then they noticed her, and chased her. Everyone ran back to the basement, through the crack in the wall, and Carita was last. The ghosts tried grabbing at carita, but she escaped, and she now has frostburn handprints on her back and shoulder where they tried to grab her.



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