Sister Mary


Sister Mary has served the Church faithfully for many years, so when she was sent to Arkham to work with Father Michael, a man whose writings she had admired for many years, she felt that she was truly blessed. Now, after witnessing Father Michael’s strange mood swings and seeing some of the bizarre practices that go on in this town, she’s beginning to feel that she may have been a bit too hasty…

When she over hears Lizze, Jordan, and Andy’s character talking to Father Michael, she tells Lizzie that something strange is happening to the church, and that all the water in the cistern, the well, and even in the small fonts and bowls have been infected with “malignant strings.”

She is incredibly wary of Father Michael, and tells the players to meet her out back in the churchyard, at the well, and they will see if they can all stop whatever is causing the “tentacles.”

Lizzie, Jordan, and Andy’s character waited for her, but she never showed.


Sister Mary

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