Roger Ematt


Dude who approached the players on Jan 22nd, and grabbed a hold of Magda Svenson, ranting about the end of the world, before slipping into an alien tongue. He is wearing regular clothes (like those of a banker, or businessman,) and they are soaking wet. His wallet is soaked, and slimy and has mud in the folds. Everything about him is cold and slimy, although it is a slime you can not see, only feel.

While laying dead on the floor of the bar, Stanislaw Bobinsky (The Great Bobo) thought he heard Ematt quietly speaking. He recited an address, as well as three names over the course of the evening before falling completely silent.

Had a collection of ruined newspaper clippings and a few photos (that survived) on his body, including one of the demhi dig and one of the Rogers Rail Station.


Roger Ematt

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