Elizabeth "Lizze" Davy Lowell


Born on March 3rd, 1912 to the prestigious and rich Lowell family, Elizabeth could trace their roots back to the original Boston colonists.

Elizabeth was the only child of Mary and John Lowell and was raised in Boston. Although she was spoiled, she was taught to be a refined lady so she could marry well. Elizabeth didn’t quite like most of the lessons, but she knew better than to complain and her life seemed all but planned out.

Everything changed on October 1st, 1926. Elizabeth was in upstate New York at boarding school and that morning she received a call from her mother to return home by nightfall. It was a strange call and her mother sounded anxiousness, but spoke only of pleasant things.

Despite her reservations, Elizabeth continued to be a proper daughter and boarded a train to return home. The train ended up being delayed due to a mechanical problem and Elizabeth stayed the night at her school. She tried to call her parents but no one answered. When she finally returned home the next day she noticed that the front door was unlocked. Inside her parents and all the servants had been butchered. Their corpses were lined up to create a circle with a gap on top and strange ruins were written in blood on the walls. After throwing up and crying, Elizabeth realized that the gap in the circle of death was the exact length of her body. She threw up again.

After that Elizabeth became obsessed with the murders and stopped trying to be a refined lady. When she came of age she spent her entire parent’s fortune on investigating their death. Her aunts and uncles tried to stop her, but she ignored them. She eventually sold the house and all her possessions to continue looking into the murders. By 1931 her family had had enough and told her that she had to stop investigating and marry a man they picked or she would be disowned.

She was disowned.

With no money and no one to rely on, Elizabeth started to call herself “Lizze” to distance herself from the past and started her life as a hobo.

Elizabeth "Lizze" Davy Lowell

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