ViPer RPG: Trail of Cthulhu


Jan 22 1936: End of the World

Story so far:

Players are gathered at The Lodge when they feel the building shake, as if a subway train has passed nearby. While some patrons run outside to see what the heck caused the shaking, Magda Svenson ran to help anyone that looked like they might have been injured in the small quake.

While Magda helps calm the journalist Jordan Miles they can hear on the radio that blackouts have occurred to the south of Arkham, and that radio stations from Boston have gone off the air.

Those who ran to look outside see that there are blackouts to the south, although some buildings and streets have been spared, or are hooked up to back-up generators.

The players inside are accosted by a strange man who runs up to them, soaking wet and slimy to the touch. He is ranting about the end of the world, and how “it has begun.” When he sees Magda, he fixates on her, and grabs on to her with icy hands, and begins chanting in a strange language.

Madga realizes that she can almost understand what he is saying, and as she tries to reach through to him and calm him down, suddenly she is aware that he is reciting her addresses, where she has lived in Paris, in Prague, and now where she is staying in Arkham. She also understands that there are several other addresses, but she does not know what they refer to.

Winston (Win) Diego Jones and Elizabeth “Lizze” Davy Lowell pry the strange man from Madga, and as they do, he falls dead at their feet, icy cold to the touch, as if he had been dead for a much longer time.

Lizzie goes through the man’s pockets, while Mixon’s scientist watches suspiciously. Lizzie finds the man’s wallet, soaked and filled with a slimy mud, and an ID with the name Roger Ematt.

Other players realize that Roger didn’t come in from outside, but rather, came from somewhere downstairs, leaving a trail of wet footsteps behind…




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