The Lodge

One of the oldest buildings in Arkham city, The Silver Lodge was once a prestigious club where only the most prestigious and wealthy of the city would gather and relax. It was host to many science, art, and literature salons of the past.

These days, the Lodge is an all that’s left of an old speakeasy. It is an inexpensive place for college students from Miskatonic University to drink and study, and has many quiet alcoves and rooms offering privacy. There are three main floors, but there is a sensation that the building is so old and rambling that it must have at least one or two hidden passages.

Two bartenders work the bar on the mid floor, and there are always at least half a dozen patrons scattered around drinking, or gambling. Every now and then, the Lodge is rented out, and is filled with large gatherings of people.

Old books line the walls, more decoration than anything else, while strange, haphazardly taxidermied animals molder in the upper shadows of the walls, giving the bar a sinister appearance.

The Lodge

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