ViPer RPG: Trail of Cthulhu

The First Day of The End of The World

3rd day: (Jan 23)
Carita stayed up all night working on an article of “what happened.”
Early morning, a cop finally shows up to collect the body and find ut what happened. Steve stole the cop’s play book, read it, and replaced. The team offers to help take the body to the morgue. On the way there, Steve distracted the driver while the rest looked closer at the body. It had a frostburn eldersign on his chest over his heart. And Carla was able to see that he was SUPER dead-dead.
Carita And Steve go to the newspaper which is mobbed by people demaning to know what’s going on.
Also, John and Carla started noticing the elder signs in various shapes and ways on the dead bodies at the morgue.



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